FreeBooth. This freeware has everything you need for your DIY photo booth

Use your own Camera

For HQ pics, FreeBooth works with almost every camera you can connect to your PC. Therefore, also with your DSLR. It supports many cameras and you can connect it via USB or WiFi.


Everyone on your event can share the photos via email.

open source

FreeBooth is completely open-source and free.

Supports many platforms

FreeBooth is written in java. So you can run it with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Web – Slideshow

FreeBooth comes with an embedded server. Therefore, you can see the last picture and a slideshow on every device which is in the same network as your PC.

Works offline

Often there is no internet at event locations. Therefore, FreeBooth works completely offline. You can send all emails when you have internet again, for example on next day, with the help of the emailing wizard.

Highly Customizable

You can customize all colors that FreeBooth fits perfectly to your event.


Besides the sharing via email, you can activate the printing function!



  • You can share your photos via email or just print them. However, you can disable one of these features or both.



Do you have any questions to the software? Or do you miss feature? Write me and I`ll try to help you.

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