How to use

Here you can see how to build a DIY photo booth with FreeBooth, a camera and a laptop.

1. Connect your camera with your computer

First of all you have to connect your camera with your computer. You can use for that an USB cable or you use a WiFi- Card

2. Configure your tethering software

The next step is that you have to configure your tethering software like EOS Utitlity or gphoto2  that it copies your pictures into the images folder you have set in the preferences. Per Default it is the images folder next to the FreeBooth.jar.

3. Start the FreeBooth

Now you can start the photo booth. You can see in the start window the path to your images folder.

4. Start Photobooth

You can now start your photo booth as web slideshow or as real fullscreen application or both.

A) Start web slideshow

With a click on “Start Slideshow Server” you can start an embedded server which shows you the latest image and after 60 seconds without new image every 5 seconds a random pictrue. In the dialog you sea the URI of the web slideshow. Type this in your browser and you will see the slideshow. If you want to view the slideshow from an other PC in the same network please replace “localhost” with the IP of your computer.

B) Start photo booth application

With a click on “Start ¬†photo booth” you start the main photo booth application.

4. Send Mails

With the third button you start the wizard to send the saved mails when your session is done. Please choose your provider and type in your username and your password. If your provider is not in the list, you can choose “other” and type in the informations of your provider.

Hope you enjoy the FreeBooth. If you have any problems, please contact me.